What is therapy?

In a non-judgemental and confidential environment there is space for you to feel free to bring whatever you choose.  This might help you to talk about difficult experiences in your life or it can help you go deeper within yourself and find meaning.  I respect and value the uniqueness of each person's experience and identity, my presence is mostly facilitative and supportive. The approach I use is very relational and flexible. Therapy does not have to be all about dealing with the negatives, with the help of reliable research studies, positive psychology and empowerment techniques there are ways for you to start seeing the good side of things and your own resilience and strengths.


What happens next?


You are very welcome to contact me through email. Together, we can arrange a time to meet for an initial assessment session. I am open to discussing any questions you might have.

How expensive is therapy?

-£60 initial assessment session (50 minutes long).

-£60 for ongoing sessions

(50 minutes long).

-Some reduced fees available.


(Online and telephone Therapy)




Mobil: 0044-7436808866