I developed an interest in psychology and counselling from an early age.  I first finished my diploma in Spanish literature at Cairo University in Egypt and then, after a long wait, the opportunity finally came to join a Psychology degree at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Three years later, I moved to London to attend a very unique Master degree in Transcultural Mental Health Care. This is when I specialized in working with multi-ethnic groups. For a number of years, I volunteered as  an advocate and case worker for marginalized people. I worked at the British Red Cross, at Day Centres and at the Refugee Therapy Centre. After a period of time, the door opened to work therapeutically with people from a number of countries (e.g. Nigeria, Albania, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Britain, Ethiopia, Sudan and other) and various ethnic minority groups (e.g. Tamil). The experience of working both at Waterloo Community Counselling, Room to Heal and Helen Bamber Foundation with a number of people from diverse backgrounds for many years in such an intimate way is priceless to me. I have worked with schizophrenia, substance misuse, trauma and abuse; domestic violence and sexual exploitation.  I certainly learned a lot from working with homeless clients, Refugees and Asylum seekers here in the UK and abroad (e.g. Kenya, Jordan and Greece).  I am mixed race (half- German and half-Egyptian) and I grow-up being in contact with a diverse group of people from various backgrounds and cultures. I also found it helpful to rely on skilful interpreters with a special training in Mental Health. I completed my Diploma in Counselling at the Minster Centre (BACP registered) and I am currently attending further training for my personal and professional growth. As an integrative counsellor I draw from a wide range of theoretical backgrounds: Person-centred therapy, Object Relations Theory, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Relational psychotherapy and Body psychotherapy. I have additional training in Trauma-Focused therapy (e.g. Narrative Exposure Therapy) and Mindfulness.