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Training for staff members

Tailered Training Themes

Self-care and Resilience

The training covers important guidlines on self-care and forms to build resilience. We will talk about useful tools to gain Awareness, Balance and Connection; the ABC approach of self-care and resilience. The purpose of this bespoke workshop is to allow time to reflect on your wellbeing in a safe and confidential space.

Vicarious Trauma

When working with individuals who experienced trauma and are suffering on a daily basis we may respond with trauma symptoms of our own; we may also witness a profound change in worldview, and a loss of faith, meaning, and purpose. In this training, we will focus on identifying early signs of emotional and physical distress and forms to strengthening resilience.

Psychological First Aid

The training focuses on learning the main principles of providing support to others who are facing distress in emergency settings.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


 "It was a great training - I am really impressed by how much ground was covered in the single session. The facilitator was excellent and extremely responsive to questions. The guided meditations were a great way of getting us to engage and put the learning into practice."

"A positive training session about a difficult topic; handled with gentleness and consideration for all. Thank you!"

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