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Humanitarian Work Experience

Black and White Earth

I learned a lot listening deeply to refugees and asylum seekers from across the globe. I started as a volunteer case worker at Day Centers and the Red Cross, then moved to be a trainee therapists at Helen Bamber Foundation in London. Since 2015, I have been providing cultural-sensetive therapy at a number of charity organizations; including  Waterloo Community Counselling, Mewso, Mindfullness without borders, and Refugee Action. I now work part-time as a Group therapist at Room to Heal, a human rights community-based organization funded by the UN.


I also worked in Kenya with children, in Jordan with Syrian families and in Greece at a number of refugee camps.


I currently offer online one-to-one therapy to an international client group across the globe in various languages inside and outside of the UK as part of a non-profit organization.

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